Re Fiascone

In a place where the ancient tomato RE FIASCONE grows

Some image of the video 2018 about the ancient tomato Re Fiascone

“In a place where the ancient tomato RE FIASCONE grows” is a title of our new, 2018 video. Pictures shot by Jenny Shi (young Chinese video maker) and Antonio Di Martino tell story of journey of our precious tomatoes, starting with seeds that subsequently become sprouts, up to mature fruits whose fiery red enriches color and flavor of every dish, turning it into true explosion of tastes. Video presents also once abandoned terraces of the Amalfi coast, that regained their former glory and now again nurture this high quality tomato. Fiascone, known also as King Umberto, was cultivated there already at the beginning of 20th century by farmers who used to pass from hand-to-hand its precious seeds that later fortunately arrived to us. A long journey of rediscovery and enhancement of a unique, inimitable tomato.

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