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The crowdfunding to save King Umberto tomato

Thanks to a crowdfunding launched by Acarbio association among the Ethical purchasing groups network of the Campania Region (group of families, mainly living in cities, who buy directly from local farmers), it was possible to start the project of the seed recovery, planting, harvesting and processing of tomatoes. This was a great opportunity for the Amalfi Coast to start again the cultivation of a local biodiversity that was on the verge of extinction.  Thanks to this initiative and the network of local farmers/guardians it was brought back to life.

The project budget was divided in 50 shares, 125 Euro each which anyone could have bought to become a contributor. Although the initial goal was not met, the project was reshaped so that it was still possible to conduct a research, launch an experimental production, process the tomatoes in a qualified workshop and carry out the marketing plan with the creation of a logo, printed labels and promotional materials. Also, the project aimed to develop a communication strategy through the web and other media.
This is a crowdfunding project that will set your table while protecting the biodiversity and your wallet.

The subscribers, becoming supporting members with at least one share of 125€, will receive back a total amount of 182 Euros over three/four years in fruit and vegetable (approximately 100 kg), a free annual participation at a social lunch and of course a supply of the King Umberto tomatoes.

The project has become a reality thanks to the work done by Acarbio association that for years have been helping local farmers to connect weekly with the Ethical Purchasing Groups in the city, in a project called ‘Effetto Costiera‘ that now has developed in a start-up for the production of King Umberto tomatoes.

One of the goals of the crowdfunding is the inclusion of the King Umberto tomato in the De.Co. (Municipal Designation), established by the Tramonti Municipality for the Tramonti pizza. Thus promoting an experimental production as a sustainable business model. This includes the reproduction of seeds and their free distribution in the are with the scope of preserving them, and give continuity to the cooperation with researchers in order to protect this element of  biodiversity.

This project aims to stand out from the crowd. Its goal is not only to help realise a great inspiring idea but to share its concrete fruits with the contributors of the crowdfunding as well.

Help us spread the project

If you are interested in the project you can contact us at or by phone at +39 089/876236.

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