Re Fiascone

In Canada together with the chain No900 and an invitation to visit the terraces of the Amalfi Coast

Our Re Fiascone tomate can also be found in Canada with its ‘special’ label in French, thanks to the well-known chain Pizzéria Napolitaine No900. Like that our ancient tomato ranges over the Canadian province of Quebec and does it in the best possible way, being more than welcome there.

At the pizzerias of No900 not only can you taste an authentic Neapolitan pizza with our rediscovered tomato, but you can also buy the jars directly and discover the taste of an ancient time, even in Canada.

With a special invitation, placed right next to the label: “Visitez les terrasses de Re Fiascone sur la côte Amalfitaine”. A promotion not only for our tomato but also for the Amalfi Coast thus enhancing a quality production that has always been cultivated in this geographical area.

Thanks to all this, many abandoned terraces of the Amalfi Coast are reviving.

There are many small seeds that are sprouting.






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