Re Fiascone

The processing

Thanks to an ‘internal experimental protocol‘, it was possible to launch the first production of the Re Fiascone tomato. The processing took place at the ‘Impresa Agricola Sabato Abagnale‘ workshop located in Sant’Antonio Abate, using the local ancient techniques. In fact, the location was chosen in order to guarantee the best production quality and the right method. Sabato Abagnale with his activities ‘Terra, Amore e Fantasia‘ stands for quality because of his commitment in favour of farmers and local quality productions, as well as his research for an excellent product based on tradition.

Sabato Abagnale nel suo laboratorio a Sant'Antonio Abate

Sabato Abagnale in his laboratory at Sant’Antonio Abate 


for the recovery of the “King Umberto” tomato

Given that:

On 4th October 2014 in Castel San Lorenzo (SA) the ‘’atto costitutivo del Comitato Promotore’’ (Constitutive Act of the Promoting Committee) was signed to establish the Rural Districts, Quality Agricultural Products and Supply Chain for Internal and Protected Areas of the Province of Salerno;

On 27th November 2014, as part of the first meeting, the Committee appointed Vincenzo Sannino, the president of Acarbio, as the Director of the Coastal Area (Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula):

  • During the meeting, it was highlighted the importance to start integrated educational activities on the pizza, being a food that links together various sectors.
  • On 26th April, after the CRA – ORT Pontecagnano profiled King Umberto variety, the seeds were distributed to the local farmers.
  • On 6th May 2015, a meeting was held between Giovanni Romano, the Regional Councillor for the Environment at the time and Cipriano Marin, the Secretary General of the UNESCO Centre in the Canary Islands;
  • Acarbio proposed the valorisation of the King Umberto tomato as a distinctive element of the Coastal Area and the Tramonti pizza’s history. On 26th April, as a part of the ‘Tramonti Pizza Meeting’ event, the previously mentioned tomato seeds were distributed to more farmers;
  • The community of Tramonti declared publicly to be available for possible changes to the Pizza De.Co. document in order to promote this valorisation project to the area strategy
  • All remaining partners have already joined the Promotion Committee for the institution of Districts;
  • The project is not only crucial for the establishment of the Rural District of the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula but also as an element of territorial promotion for the candidature of the area as Biosphere Reserve within the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB).

All that being provided, the following partners:

  1. Institute for Sustainable Development ‘I Piccoli Campi Srl’ as a Promoter and Leader of the Promoting Committee for the institution of the Rural Districts, Quality Agricultural Products and Supply Chain for Internal and Protected Areas of the Province of Salerno, represented by the President Architect Anna Pina Arcaro;
  2. Acarbio, as a representative of the Committee for the private part of the Coastal Area (Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula) of the above mentioned Promoting Committee, represented by President Vincenzo Sannino;
  3. Cooperative Comunicazione e Territori, adhering to the Committee as a part of the Coastal Area, represented by the President Antonio Di Martino;
  4. ‘The seed guardians’: B. R., Tramonti, O. R., Tramonti, A. A., Tramonti, O. N., Tramonti, F. L., Tramonti


according to their competence, distinction of the natural features, production, development, promotion and sale of the product lines related to the King Umberto tomato (also known as Fiascone).

Semenzaio pomodoro Re Umbert

One of the seedbed of the King Umberto tomato.

The roles of the partners are defined as follows:

Institute for Sustainable Development ‘I Piccoli Campi Srl’ :

  • Project leader;
  • Preparation of technical, administrative and accounting documents;
  • Preparation of the Area Strategy Project;
  • Scientific descriptions of the King Umberto tomato in collaboration with CRA ORT Pontecagnano;
  • Tomato production control using the Agreement of the Districts and the CRA of Rome, signed by President Alonzo on 23rd September 2014 (ref. no. 58480) and confirmed by the current Commissioner Salvatore Parlato on 13th February 2015 (;
  • Selection of the product processing workshop (at least before an own place is founded within the network)
  • Direct sale and/or online sale via the platform of the Technical Structure and Project Leader of the ‘Regeneration’ Committee;


  • Animation and promotion activities in the Coastal Area;
  • Coordination of the supply chain consisting of Gas Groups (a Ethical Purchasing Groups), Pizza Maker Corporation,primary producers, etc.;
  • Collaboration on the preparation of the Area Strategy project on behalf of  the Tramonti community;
  • Fund raising for the tomato valorisation project;
  • Designing of the trademark,registration and packaging of the King Umberto tomato also known as Fiascone;
  • Insertion of the activity in the UNESCO MAB candidature of the Coastal Area


Comunicazione e Territori Cooperative

  • Monitoring and coordination of the producers;
  • Listing of producers and their location for the checks and the production status;
  • Collecting products;
  • Transport of the product to the chosen workshop
  • Responsible for the storing of the processed product;

The ‘farmers/guardians‘ commit to follow the disciplinary set by Consorzio di Tutela (Protection Consortium) in order to meet the requirements of current pesticides legislation for the King Umberto tomato, especially on the preharvest interval.

The main goal is to establish the Protection Consortium for the King Umberto tomato and the foundation for the Rural District of Coastal Area, introducing other local products.

The first year will be considered an experiment and a contract wll be made with the following workshop:

‘Impresa Agricola Sabato Abagnale’ located in S. Antonio Abate

(Tramonti, 20th August 2015)

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