Re Fiascone


Il pomodoro Re Umberto pronto per la trasformazione

The King Umberto tomato ready for being processed

The first production of the Re Fiascone (in the summer of 2015) achieved an excellent results in both quality and quantity.

The first tomato samples were analysed by the Crea- Ort Pontecagnano that observed the different stages of cultivation. The samples were collected from the farmers ‘guardians‘ with lands in Tramonti in late July of 2015.

Fully matured tomatoes are being checked on the pH level, Brix value (sugar content) and dry weight.

Anche il peso del pomodoro Re Umberto avviene come da tradizione: con la bilancia tipo stadera

Even the weight of the King Umberto tomato is determined in a traditional way – with the steelyard balanceThanks to the long maturation and just little watering during the last 15 days, the pulp of tomato is compact, fleshy and adhere to the skin.

Our tomatoes were processed by hand without any salt or acid added.

Re Fiascone tomato is 100% natural product.

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