Re Fiascone


What to put in the pot? Recipes based on Re Fiascone tomato.

Cooking homemade food out of fresh and tasty ingredients – that’s one big part of the Italian culture, making people happy all over the world. That’s reason enough for some great recipes to be shared.

Since the Re Fiascone tomato is typical for the Amalfi Coast, the best is to use it to prepare a special dish coming from that same region. The following recipes are easy to follow, fun to make and will result in a delight for your taste-buds. Plus, they’re vegetarian-friendly.

Lasagna “rossa” (“red”)

This delicious lasagna is red not only due to the Re Fiascone tomato sauce added as a layer, but also thanks to homemade red pasta, with Re Fiascone tomato sauce inside the dough.

“Pizza fritta” (Fried pizza)

When talking about Italy, everybody thinks about pizza. Few know about the existence of fried pizza, a very special and richer form of pizza, also called “Montanara”, being typical for the mountainous region around Naples.

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