Re Fiascone

A video about how the ancient King Umberto tomato was saved


How much research work hides behind a product such as our King Umberto? What is the story of this marvelous vegetable, a fundamental ingredient for most of the dishes of the local tradition? How was it possible to save this ancient tomato dated 1878 from extinction? In this video shot by the American videomaker Tyler Rowland (“More Hands on Deck”), we will give you an overview of our work.

2016 has been the beginning of the production of Re Fiascone tomato, after a first experimental phase. If you want to contribute to the rebirth of neglected terraces of the Amalfi Coast and give a new and strong future to this project by helping the local “guardians of biodiversity”, you can purchase the tomato jars writing to You will discover the true forgotten flavours of the past.


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