Re Fiascone

Marianna, on the French magazine the exaltation of our ancient tomato


The famous French magazine “Marianne”, focus on the Emporio Armani Restaurant (located in front of the the Saint-Germain-de-Près church), in their article about the high quality cuisine and where to taste the flavours of italian products cooked by recognized chefs in Paris. Armani Restaurant’s director Massimo Mori and Executive Chef Massimo Tringali have created a special and unique “culinary container” of Italian cuisine. They in fact carried out a research of quality products connected to the traditions and local areas, with traditional recipes re-elaborated with a modern view. Following this philosophy, traditional ravioli have been laid down on a sauce of Re Umberto tomato. The picture of the dish is a celebration of our tomato Re Fiascone and a description of its history and origin reminds also the land in which it is grown, the beautiful Amalfi Coast. A place rich of gorgeous landscapes and also quality products.


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