Re Fiascone

Re Fiascone – the result of heroic farming

A tomato which came from an heroic gesture. In this video, which was filmed in Tramonti, Amalfi coast and broadcasted on Sky Channel Gambero Rosso, there is a piece of the history that involves us as well.

Journalist Monica Piscitelli and her camera crew climbed up the steep and hard to reach terraces where our ancient King Umberto tomato (also known as Fiascone) is grown. To better understand the project they interviewed Vincenzo Sannino, the president of Acarbio association which recovered these ancient seeds. Only after years of research studies about its characteristics it became possible to launch a start-up company which now produces artisanal “Re Fiascone” tomatoes following old local traditions, also thanks to local farmers, our “seed guardians” who are doing “heroic agriculture work” in a land once abandoned and forgotten. They started to cultivate this true rural biodiversity using only their hands, without any machinery or chemicals. Our tomato is truly different from the others. Try to see yourself.

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