Whole King Umberto tomatoes in glass jar – 1060 ml

Net weight: 994 g
Drained weight: 710 g
Ingredients: Whole tomatoes, not peeled; tomato juice

The pride of the production as for this product only the best tomatoes were selected in order to be able to taste them at their fullest and in their original shape.

6 jars per box at 51.17€

All prices are VAT included



The King Umberto tomato or Fiascone is grown on the uncontaminated soils of the Amalfi Coast. Harvested since 1878, then disappeared from the fields to return finally back thanks to few farmers from Tramonti who guarded the seeds. The “Re Fiascone” come back is a result of the crowdfunding started by Acarbio with a contribution of CREA-ORT Pontecagnano (project RGV-FAO). It is a rich in flavour reddish purple tomato with an intense velvet taste. Excellent for sauce and as pizza topping.

For orders of 2019 production and more information please contact us at info@refiascone.it